Island Life

I used to think living on this island would protect me from the scarier, outside world of big cities and big city issues.  How naive of me to think that, right?  Growing up on this island as a little girl, we could run outside on the street and play for hours without having to worry who the neighbor is.  Why? Because everyone knew each other back then.

I was born in 1970.  Back in the day….ha, that makes me giggle a bit. Well back when I was a child it was safe to be outside, playing with the neighborhood kids, running back and forth.  All the parents knew each other and they would look out for us.   We didn’t have iPhones, Xboxes or we didn’t even have color TV quite yet!  Our family TV had the classic tinfoil covered bunny ears to help transition!  You picked up the phone to call out and you had a party line and you had to wait your turn if the neighbors were on the phone.

Back in the day, I felt safe.  I felt carefree.  I felt like the world was a really great place.  My biggest worry was whose house lunch was going to be at. All of my basic needs were taken care of and all I needed to do was play with the neighborhood kids and enjoy my day.  Especially in the summer! Boy that was my favorite time because all of us kids got to spend even more time running free, enjoying each other and NO HOMEWORK!

Streets were gravel, yards had grass, dirt was my friend!  We would lay in the big yard and hide in the tall grass.  Us kids would run down the  hillside and play in the creek.  We would play pole to pole and run between lightpole playing tag.  At night we would grab our flashlights and play spotlight.  Not a worry in my young mind.

I mean, what could I possibly have to worry about? The island we live on is only 50 miles long.  Neighbors knew each other and streets were safe.  Somewhere along the line that changed.  I am not sure I can even pinpoint when that change took place.  But it did.

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