The First Real Moment

I remember the night I got the call.  Or really, I should say the early morning around 2:30am.  The call from the police that my kid had fallen asleep at the wheel of the car but was just fine.  Could I come in and take possession of the car since it was still in my name.  Of course I could come take possession of the car officer.  Yea….. he was just fine.

Well little did I know that he was just fine meant he had been arrested for driving under the influence. When your kids at least 18, they don’t tell you anything they don’t have permission to tell you.  As I arrived to take possession of the car, our son was not there.  This was my wake up call.

My husband and I had talked about our concern that our son had been partying an awful lot and really not doing much after dropping out of college.  I had already received a letter from the college saying they thought my son had a drug problem.  Of course our son tried to put it off to smoking a little bit of pot and there was a stem left on his desk.  This is right after Colorado legalized marijuana. So I was doing my best to give him the benefit of the doubt.

As parents, our hands were tied.  He was 18.  So all we could do was pray.  Which we did alot of!  The power of prayer can be very helpful.  Give it up to God, that was what I had been doing.  Praying he would outgrow this phase and we would get through it quickly and without anyone getting harmed.

Thankfully he didn’t wreck his car.  He didn’t run anyone off the road, he didn’t fall asleep on the highway.  He fell asleep in the McDonalds drive through window.  All I can say is that he clearly has a guardian Angel with him.  God loves our son and he has a plan for him.  Which at this point didn’t include hurting himself or someone else.

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