Could This Get Any Worse!

Isn’t it bad enough that I was aware of the possibility of cancer?  Why did it really have to be cancer?  Couldn’t I have been in the percentage of people who didn’t get it?  Couldn’t I have been in the group that lucks out?  HELL NO! (sorry for language) But of course I couldn’t luck out or be in the cancer free group. I had a friend who used to tell me “if you didn’t have bad luck, you wouldn’t have any luck at all!”.

Well my diagnosis most certainly confirmed this!  Ewings Sarcoma PNET – a cancer that usually affects adolescent males… while I was a 28 year old female.  Not to mention the fact that sarcomas only represent 1% of ALL cancers in adults and 15% of ALL cancers in children a year.  I get the rare cancer and guess what? I had just got the internet! Yes, WWW just became a real deal in my house the week prior to my diagnosis.  This game me plenty of time to research and start getting nervous about my diagnosis.

To top off my cancer diagnosis, my marriage and our small business were failing.  Well the business wasn’t yet, but it would after I left for treatment.  As a young, twelve year old girl, I met this boy and fell for him.  We decided we would get married and live happily ever after.  That was not the plan God had in mind for me.  I have always believed my path changed at this point in time for a purpose.  I was not fulfilling God’s plan for me and it was time to get my life straightened out.  Jesus took the wheel.


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