Fast Forward to 2018

Today has been a long day. My son has decided to move off the rock. Which actually is a good thing for him.   Get off the island and move south you have your whole life ahead of you son.  You are only 22 years old, and you will have some great opportunities ahead of you. If you take them…. Grab the opportunity to get  sober and do great things.

Son gets dropped off at home today.  It is about 6am when he gets here. Appears to be fine.  However about 30 minutes later is asleep in his plate of food.  What in the world….  Lord, please help my son.  He spent his entire day in some kind of daze from coming off whatever he went on a two day runner on.

In our home we have a drug free zone.  Our son can come home when he is tired, hungry and needs to be in a sober, dry, warm and safe place.  However, we set parameters.  He cannot use near the house, in the house, in a car outside the house or 4 hours prior to coming to the house.  We ask he showers up when he first arrives because he might need to just relax.  Then it makes it easier for him to fit in a house with already 5 people.

I love my children.  They are my most precious gifts I have been given.  God gave me the best gifts by giving me them.  I refuse to stop loving my son because he is struggling with the disease of addiction.  First time is a choice, then after its all over with.  You wouldn’t believe how many people just want me to agree with them that it is ALL a choice and not really a disease.  UGH……

Lord, please keep my heart and mind in the right place with those who are less understanding.  Please put a circle of protection around my sweet son.  Keep him safe and let him feel he is loved and worthy.  Lord, I want this for all struggling with addiction.  Love, acceptable and forgiveness too.  In Jesus name, Amen.



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