Party like its 1999!

1999…. well that was a year to remember for me!  I am not sure that any year has been as eventful since. The dreaded C word, surgeries, chemotherapy, having to leave my home town and state for cancer treatment, separation, divorce, custody issues and living through the new millennium. Phew! Makes me tired just thinking of all the excitement I had that year.

I left in June of 1999.  University of Washington Medical Center is where I would be for chemotherapy.  8 rounds of chemotherapy rotating between two different regimes.  I never though that my head was going to be such a nice shape without hair!  This was a new experience and thought for me.

July 1999 I was forced to get an attorney to get a legal separation.  Well that legal separation ended up being a full on divorce/custody case.  I had to go to court and do telephonic hearings while undergoing chemotherapy in the hospital.  Yep…. what a joy that was.  Actually, I guess it could have been if I remembered everything. But since I was on a lot of medications my memory of it doesn’t exist much.

After four rounds of chemotherapy, being bald, starting my divorce, and feeling like my world was falling apart before my eyes, I had a break from chemotherapy to recover and prepare for my next surgery.  Had to let my body’s immune system get better in order to even have the surgery.  Ended up having a blood transfusion of platelets.

Boy that in itself was comical.  I had to be at the hospital for the transfusion.  Well it was a nice day in August 1999.  The local hospital was having construction on the roof.  Something caught on FIRE! So, all the patients were being evacuated.  Not this patient, I had to stay in my room as I didn’t have an immune system that could afford any exposure to anyone.  Thankfully they put the small fire out and all the patients came back inside.  I finished my lengthy transfusion and went home.

Life began for me again.  My soon to be ex-husband moved off the island.  My kids started school again.  We lost our business and I had to start life over.  The good Lord still showed me grace and I woke up every day breathing, living and had daily reminders I was OK.

I finished chemotherapy on December 30th, 1999.  I had them rush my last bag so I could fly on the 30th NOT the 31st.  I was AFRAID that if I flew later that I could possibly end up dying or something when all the computers crashed going in to 2000.  Was that chemo brain too?

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