Counselor Heaven!

Well at the end of our sons stay in rehab there is a family week. Where you stay inpatient with him for 3 days and attend classes and learn about the disease.  Addiction is a family disease. Which I believe wholeheartedly to be true.  I have many family members who struggle with addiction in my family and his father also has many family members who struggle with addiction.

Well our son decided that my ex husband (his father) and I should attend family week in rehab with him.  This really made me nervous as I had been divorced since January of 2000 from his father AND I was the only one not struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction.  I had not used substances for at least 20 years or more.

I had not spent any substantial amout of time with the ex husband before we divorced. So you can imagine how awkward and stressful for me this was. I am sure it was for him as well.  I was trying hard to give my son and his father space to have smokes and coffee each morning. Just reading in my room.

We had to attend family counseling together where we argued.  I did not see eye to eye with my ex husband (imagine that!).  I was angry and I let him know it.  At one point we had an argument over lunch in the cafeteria.  I got up and left because I was so upset.  I ended up talking with the counselor that was working with our son.

I am sure the counselors were like “well now we see why the young man is struggling, look at his parents!”.  It was counselor Heaven, divorced parents who hadn’t been in the same room for 15 years and their son in rehab! Time to break down some walls!

Those few days couldn’t go by fast enough!  I was so ready to be away from my ex husband and being locked in a building out in the boonies where I had to interact with him each day!  I went to my hotel room, ate dinner and climbed in bed for the night and tuned the world out until the next morning for my son’s graduation.

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