Riding the Rollercoaster

Well I made it through the first real moment – I survived.  This is when our son got a DUI.  He was only 18 years old and had already dropped out of college and now is looking at a DUI. I am not even sure to this day if the DUI was from alcohol or from something else.  I stepped on the longest rollercoaster ride that I could imagine that night in 2014.  I haven’t stepped off and now it is 2018.

After the DUI, our son started a series of court appearances.  He was given a court appointed attorney.  We finally asked the attorney to look into something called Therapeutic Court. This is a process for first time offenders.  He had been charged with possession of mushrooms. Which is a felony added on to the DUI.  The hope is that he would complete the Therapeutic Court process and would have his charges dismissed in the end.

Therapeutic Court meant that he would have to check in daily at first.  He would have to do UA’s whenever his color came up on the call in line.  He was searched whenever the probation officer wanted.  He was not allowed to be anywhere there was alcohol or guns.  If he wanted to rent an apartment he would have to get permission from the Therapeutic Court Team first and he would have to complete an intensive out patient treatment program.  You had 7 chance over about an 18 month time frame in Therapeutic Court.

Before he started Therapeutic Court he went to an inpatient program for 21 days. This is where we learned about his addiction to opiates.  He was using prior to leaving and we happened to find out during an argument between he and one of his buddies.  We had thought he was using something more than marijuana or booze.  During his treatment he detoxed and was in pain the first week there.  My heart sank further.  I was not educated on heroin and I had no idea at first what to even do.

I have to say that my faith in God and my small circle of support has kept me from losing my mind the last four years. I pray in the shower, the car, my room, at the kitchen table, on the phone, and anywhere else I can.  When in doubt, I pray.

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