Life After Divorce and Chemo

Its now the year 2000.  I am getting my hickman port out.  Not only am I getting the port out I am trying to decide what is next with my life.  I am now divorced and hopefully cancer FREE for life!

I have a trip planned to see my brothers and take my two kids with me to Florida to go to Disney World after school gets out. I haven’t seen my brothers for a while and I could use the time away.  My hair was very short at this point.  It has just started growing back.

I met this man who seemed interested in me.  I am not going to put much into talking about this person because it was very abusive for me.  It was a terrible way to recover from having cancer and the best thing that happened to me in regards to this person was two beautiful daughters.

I was told I was not going to have more children.  Chemotherapy damages your female organs and reproductive system.  Well low and behold I had two more beautiful daughters.  God blessed me not just once, but twice with being able to have these miracle babies.

The best things that happened to me between 2001-2005 was having my youngest two daughters and meeting the LOVE of my life.

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