Nodding Off

I remember when I had no knowledge at all what drug caused someone to just nod off.  Why did I even need to experience this?  How could anyone enjoy a drug that you just sleep on?  I will never understand what happens after that first use and you are addicted for life.  What I really don’t understand is how a parent can educate their child to not use drugs and the dangers involved and that child goes out and uses it with friends anyhow just because it sounded fun.

I am not even sure how my son got home that night.  He drove himself and seemed fine when he first got here.  Then about 20 minutes in he started looking really tired and slurring his words.  He was sitting at his laptop at the table.  He was leaning over almost falling out of the chair.  It was like slow motion, his whole body would start slumping, his mouth would gape open and his eyes would close and he could barely sit in the chair.

I was so upset.  I remember being scared.  What if he fell asleep and never woke up again?  I was asking him questions and he could barely even get out any sounds.  What happened to my son?  Why did he ever decide to use heroin in the first place. Who is this young man I raised and preached to about not using drugs? I didn’t recognize him at all.

Then I was so angry! I recorded him and sent it to the friend I thought he had been with.  I said some choice things to that friend about it.  I was angry that anyone would do this with him or would give him these kinds of drugs.  I was angry at myself for not being more educated and not seeing that my precious boy was going to have these issues.

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