Safety First

When I used think of safety first it meant paying attention to my surroundings, “stop, look, and listen” before crossing the road. “Stop, drop and roll” if you catch on fire. And of course don’t blow a bubble with gum and suck it back in or you might choke. (Which I saw happen!!)

Little did I know in 2017 it would mean I would be encouraging someone I love to never use drugs alone, use clean needles, carry a narcan kit, don’t share needles and make sure people know about the Good Samaritan laws and call 911 if you overdose.

Growing up I had never heard of heroin or meth. Or about people using needles. I thought that people just drank or smoked marijuana. Later I’d hear about cocaine but really it was usually alcohol and marijuana.

I know it doesn’t sound right to be saying don’t share needles, don’t use aline, carry narcan, use clean needles and make sure someone knows it’s ok to call 911.

When did this become how safety first goes? Can’t I go back to stop, look and listen?

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