Therapuetic Court

After he went to inpatient treatment he started the therapuetic court process in January 2014.  Therapuetic court requires each person to have a team they work with comprised of counselors, case manager, a probation office, judge and anyone else the court sees fit.

This is typically an 18 month process that gives you seven chances to mess up.  Each time you mess up you get jail time.  So most people learn after the first few times.  In this process you also take a variety of classes for intensive outpatient treatment and you take random drug tests.

You call into a court line and you have a color you are assigned.  If you color is called you have a short amount of time to show up and provide your urine sample for drug/alchohol testing.  The key to this is calling in first thing before you use the bathroom so you don’t have diluted urine and get dinged for that.

Our son had his own apartment and had job when he started this process.  He was 19 years old and he was eager to be on his own.  Which is how we liked it as well.  Gave him the privacy he needed and us the ability to be parents and provide support when he needed it without being in his business all the time.

For the most part he appeared to be doing really well.  BUT somewhere along the line before rehab he started using heroin.  We cannot pin point when.  Well this didn’t make it easy for him to comply with his drug testing.  He used up every ding he could.  After he had the 7th one I met with his counselor and the probation office and they required him to come to live with us.

This was a tough call. It meant we had restrictions too.  No alchohol, no guns, we had to turn him in if he didn’t come home by curfew.  He lived with us from February 2015 to Septmeber 2017 on the program.  This was the longest time he was sober since he was 18 years old.

It would be longest time he remained sober at all.  After he graduated from the program, all his charged were dismissed and he went on with life.  He had a good job, was working and we enjoyed being around him.


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