Dog House Anyone?

Seems like I spend quite a bit of time in the dog house.  I haven’t quite figured out what I am doing wrong.  He is always angry with me. I ask too many questions, I expect too much, the tone of my voice is irritating to him.  I am sure the list goes on.

Does any other Mom or Dad of an addict feel this way? I am sure you are in the dog house with me even though I haven’t met you.  When I am in the dog house it is the lonliest time for me.

My son doesn’t talk to me.  I never know if he is doing ok.  I suspect his use is frequent otherwise I would probably hear from him.  Even if I try to text him or check in I am ignored.  Everyone tells me not to worry, it is the drugs making him act like this.

Don’t they understand how much it hurts me?  Don’t they understand that all I need is to know that he is breathing, alive, and safe?  This is why we decided to talk with him about safety first.  Using safely so there wouldn’t he would overdose and die alone.  At night this weighs heavily on my heart and mind.

I know I am doing something right if I am in the dog house.  I am not enabling my son or ignoring what is happening with him.  I feel like screaming at the people he is hanging out with that are also using. I feel like going rogue and hunting down his dealers.  I feel like I have lost my son and don’t know how to get him back.

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