Fake Friends

This thought goes right along with those who ask how I am doing but don’t really want to know.  I have some longtime friends that I thought were completely awesome and supportive of me as I was them.  We have been friends for many years, consider each other family.

However, it has become increasingly clear to me that my sons addiction has caused these awesome friends to not be awesome anymore.  I guess it might be contagious right?  They don’t ask how he is, pretend he doesn’t exist and if I ask for prayers for him they choose to not respond.

Despite the fact they support every other cause in the community, supporting a friend whose child is slowly dying from their addiciton is not a priority.  Battling addiction must not interest them.  Maybe you don’t get the community support to stand up and say we must do something about these drug dealers selling dop that is killing our kids.  It is killing my kid!

Don’t you care my friend?  Don’t you see how you are hurting me by choosing to treat me like my son is not good enough?  I pray for you at night, that you don’t ever have to experience what I, as a mother, is going through.  The pain I am experiencing each day.  Without your love and support.

I fully believe in promoting other causes in our community and I support them.  I join the ones I have time for and believe in them.  However, I also believe the only judge out there for my son is God and you don’t have the right to judge him the way you do.  He is a precious child of God who is loved and worthy struggling with a disease.  When people die from lung cancer do we shun them, turn our backs on them and not love them as they suffer because they smoked cigarettes?  I think not!

So to my fake friends, I pray for you.  I especially pray for a soft heart that spends time trying to understand the disease of addiction and that it doesn’t affect anyone in your family like it has mine.  I know you love your family just as much as I love mine.  If it does affect your family, I will be there for you because I know the pain and I love you.

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