No Bandaids Here

Moms help fix up their babies every day around the world.  We scoop up toddlers when they get a bump, kiss it and make it all better. As you grow older we are there when you fall down and get a cut on your hand or dirt/rocks in your palm.

How about when a Mom needs to fix your finger after you learned how to use scissors and you got into Moms sewing scissors instead of using your cute little safety scissors.  Then its a bigger bandaid and lots of cuddles.

Oh I sure wish I could go back to the days of learning to ride a bike, you fall off, scrape your knee and I come out and clean it off and on goes the bandaid.  Where I could give you a hug, hold you for a little while, sing to you and then off you went again to keep on trying.

I am now in the land of no baindaids. Where if you fall, its a Narcan kit that will need to be used to even get you up.  I cannot run out with a box of the old cloth bandaids that smell funny, bring my hydrogen peroxide and fix you up.  This kind of fall will require someone to be quick on their feet, have a Narcan kit on hand, and know how to use it.  Hopefully it only takes one kit, but I have heard there are times when it takes two for some people.  After your Narcan is adminstered hopefully whoever is with you calls 911 for EMS.

I pray that I will never have to use a Narcan kit but I have been trained just in case.  I sat quietly in the clinic where they give them out for free and listened to all the directions.  I have spoken to my friends who work in the medial field just to make sure I completely understand what to do.

Today my prayer is for comfort for all of us in this with you.  I ask for God to be by my side, with your sisters, your brother and you stepfather and all of us who  love you so much.  I ask for him to put a circle of protection around you and for you to know you are loved and worthy and you have support when you are ready for it.


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