Guardian Angels Do Exist!!

Take a break for a few days and lots seems to happen.  I had a long weekend dealing with people who blame parents and addicts for their disease. They actually believe it is a choice!  What is up with that?  Ok, off that soapbox for tonight.

As you know, I am a mom.  My husband and I have five wonderful children and two grandchildren.  Two of our daughters are teenagers still.  They are the youngest of our five kids and they are still living at home.

Friday night we decide to go out to have dinner.  Well the girls want to drive in the oldests car. Fine, you two can drive yourself to dinner and then the oldest can go take photos at the dance. The rest of us will head home and relax for the weekend.

NO SUCH LUCK!  We did not get to relax or have dinner Friday night as planned!!  We were about a mile in front of the girls as we left the house first when we get the call.  The oldest of the two calls to tell me they were hit by another car and in an accident.  This was an understatement.  Her car was pouring gas out so I tell her to get them both out of the car.  We head back to the accident site.

That was the longest drive ever. Seemed like we were never going to make it to the girls.  All I could think about was if they were ok. This is one of my other nightmares – the kids getting into a car accident.  We finally got there and I run over to the girls who were standing along side the road.

Well it was a 3 car accident and our girls were the middle car.  The front of the car looked OK but there was no trunk or gas tank anymore and the back window blew out upon impact.  A truck hit them going about 40 to 50 mph.  Their car was totalled. It propelled them forward into car #3.  That driver was not pleased.  I don’t blame him.

Long story made short, driver #1 rear ended the girls without being able to brake.  Our daughter, driver #2 was pushed forward and rear ended driver #3.  The police said driver #1 was at fault and no fault was with our daughter or driver #3.

The impact was so hard that when it blew out the back windshield our younger daughter, sitting in the passenger front seat had glass in her pockets.  Both girls have whiplash and minor muscle injuries.  Our older daughter who was driving braced herself with her left foot and it was swollen and has neck/upper back pain.  Our younger daughter has quite a bit of pain in her right shoulder and neck/upper back.

Each morning we pray for a circle of protection for our daughters and other children.  We pray for this at night as well.  Well they most certainly have guardian angels because the car is a total loss and they walked away with minor injuries. Thankfully our 6 year old grand daughter was with us as had she been in her Aunties back seat she would have been seriously injured.

God is good and I am thankful that my girls have guardian angles watching over them.  I will continue to pray for a circle of protection as the power of pray works!!

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