I sit and wonder why in the world parents like myself get the short end of the stick?  Why do parents have to bear the blame unwillingly and wrongfully when they have a child who is struggling with addiction?  And why is there NO LOVE for parents for the addict?

Having someone tell me I have clouded judgement because I have a mothers love for my child was offensive.  I don’t feel I have clouded judgement.  I have LOVE for my child.  Nothing less and nothing more.  Walk in my shoes and maybe you might see differently.

I know all too well that I cannot enable them by giving them my hard earned money!  I  will not be paying for their addiction, gas, rent, or whatever other expense they come up with so I can pay for their needs while they use their own money to pay for the addiction.  I will not do that.

I am amazed at how many people do NOT want me to love my child who is struggling with addiction.  Honestly, I find it ethically and morally wrong.  People are so cruel.  They do not see addiction for what it is.  A chronic Neurological disoder.  It is not a moral failing.  I believe the moral failing stand with those who want a parent to not love their kid.  Shame on you for even having the thought or expecting it.

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