Fake Friends II

I know that some people thought I should not post about fake friends.  And some reminded me of the truth – I am to look to God for my purpose and for acceptance.  Which I truly do.  I feel that I have definately matured and grown in my Christianity and with the way I view the world and others since becoming born again.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have fake friends and those friend hurt my heart when I interact with them.  I do have those friends who truly care and have busy lives and their own things going on.  This is a very valid point.  Each of us has something we are dealing with and we do not see behind the scenes for others lives.

However, my fake friends list is a small thankfully and it is people I would not have expected.  It brings me back to when I had cancer and I had no hair.  I would go out in the community without a hat and people would stare and walk further away from me.  I have made a point since then to never do that to a person when you can clearly tell they are sick.  It is NOT right and doesn’t make them feel good.

I have talked with other Moms who have children suffering from the disease of addiction who also feel like they have fake friends.  It is like being in a select group except you didn’t SELECT the group.  You don’t know how you got in the group, and there is no way back out of the group.

My family is Alaska Native.  We are actually Aleut.  Back when the Japanese took over the Aleutian Islands my family was ripped from their homes and put in camps across Southeast Alaska.  They were segregated and treated poorly because of who they were. Many got sick and died in those camps.  They did not choose to be in the group, and there was no way back out of the group for them either.  Now we acknowledge the wrongs to those Aleut people who lost their homes and families and treat them much differently.

A mother of someone suffering from the chronic neurological disorder we know to be addiction should not be treated this way either.  We need to be cared for, lifted up, prayed for and loved.  We need encouragement and support and to know that no matter what happens someone will hold our hands and be there when the pain we are experiencing has gotten more than we can handle.

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