Always Say I Love You

You know, when I talk to my kids I always try to say I love you each day or at the end of all phone calls. There is nothing more important to me than letting them know.

However, often times you just don’t think about other people too. Your brother or sister or best friend. Until you get bitch slapped with some sad news about them or someone else you love.

So over the years I have made it a point to say it to a lot of my people – people who mean the world to me and that need to know I love them dearly.

Tonight I realized just how important that truly is. We go through life just getting through the hustle and bustle each day. Don’t put a lot of thought into others. I am glad that I tell people I love them. Even if I still get sad if something is wrong.

Lately I’ve put more thoughts into my addicted child and I thought heartbreak would come from a call about them. I was wrong. I got a big fat dose of reality and it made me realize I need to remember everyone else too.

Prayers needed for a special someone tonight ❤️ May our loving Heavenly Father protect her and keep her safe and heal her. 🙏🏼

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