Bite Your Tongue

via Daily Prompt: Slight

She walked past me and I could tell by the look in her eyes she wanted to say something.  I think I had surprised her by my presence when she got off the elevator.  I had know for years that she didn’t like me. Which is absolutely fine!  I hadn’t seen her in years and was honestly feeling a bit sad for her the last time.

Her face turned blotchy red, eyes squinted and her lips pursed together while she walked on by.  I just continued to mind my own business and decided that no matter what today she couldn’t slight me.

I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying “hey, how’s it going” in my typical early morning cheery voice. I love mornings, coffee and seeing people. Which in return, makes me smile more and cheerful to talk with them.

I enjoy seeing how those I care about are doing and listening to them talk about how their lives. Biting my tongue was hard, even if just seeing her, a woman who carries much anger and disdain on her shoulders wouldn’t be nice back.

Praying today brings us all peace, joy, and forgiveness. Forgiveness not just for others, but for ourselves. Our ability to forgive and love ourselves helps us love ourselves and others. This makes biting our tongues for the right reasons easier. Don’t slight others to make yourself feel better.

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