I’m Dying

Little by little I lose a piece of myself. Each piece I lose is making me die. Each piece I lose is valuable and shouldn’t be going away. It is mine! I don’t want to lose it, I don’t want to die!!

Yesterday I lost a piece of my patience. Boy, that was rough! I most certainly cannot afford to lose any of my patience! I need all the patience I can get!

Today I lost a piece of my self esteem. That really hurt. Brought tears to my eyes and an ache in my chest that I didn’t expect. I don’t enjoy losing my self esteem! It feels bad and I need all the self esteem I can get!

Last week I lost a piece of my heart. Ouch! That was some serious pain! Heartache is more painful than I had ever imagined. I thought I could get through it but I need all the pieces of my heart intact!

I’ve lost bits and pieces of joy, hope, laughter, love, patience, sleep, love, kindness, desire, gratitude, my heart, my family, my kids, and my faith. I need these thing back! I’m fragmented and cannot function without them. I don’t want to die!

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