Still Alive

Well, it’s been months since I wrote. Been struggling with depression. Despite the fact things are good it has been difficult to feel better. It’s a daily struggle. Despite positive outcomes I’m still struggling.

My son went to treatment a second time after a near fatal overdose in August. It was HELL getting him there. I was here in Alaska and he was in Washington. The people he was with refused to give him a ride to the airport so I paid for an Uber! Yep, you got it, an Uber took him to catch his flight to treatment. My son wanted help so bad but no one surrounding him would help. So I was at my last straw.

When he arrived in treatment again he was assigned a different program and different counselor. Wow, what a difference this made. He extended his stay and worked his program and had a much different outlook. Right now he has been living in a sober living house since September and doing well. Has a job with a sober company and participated in NA regularly.

Me, I’m in Naranon, counseling and still working on myself. I still stress and fall into a thinking error and have to stop myself – I know right now he is safe! He is sober and I should try to live one day at a time. So this is my start to doing that.

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